great week.

missed class again.

except my excuse is legit.
i got into a car accident.
and the guy who hit me was extremely angry when he got up from his car.


to make up for the lack of blogging.

DISCLAIMER: though these may not be in correct order, this is the perceived order in my mind… the days are probably the only things wrong in this post.

monday monday
so we decided to go with roller blading!
we conducted some interviews at Piedmont Park and Midtown and got some interesting answers:
“You get more when you walk. You miss a lot when you ride.” “I roller blade to exercise: mental and physical therapy.” “I drive everywhere because it’s convenient. Even when I lived on campus I drove to class.”
still not sure as to what exactly we’re going to design but something along the lines of a more convenient set of blades that can be easily carried into a building.

wonderful wednesday
yay for more reality tv show challenges!
did learn that people need to have things displayed very clearly and not in design language

had our eyes opened to new possibilities
no longer just on roller skates but the bigger picture of “why do people want to get from one place to another anyway?” “why do people choose cars?” “what would motivate them to get outside more?”
now to think of some amazing product that will answer these questions and solve these problems…

monday monday (again)
whew 60 concepts?! that was tough.. even with it being split 20 per group member that was tough.. I think our group found a good rhythm though where I thought up of crazy ideas and the two amazing sketchers would make them come to life on paper
i am definitely not a sketcher i’m learning but that’s okay! if on a design team, i’d be a part of the thinking/2d corner.
and thank goodness we finally have a direction! the bike buddy bar is what it will be called for now…

wednesday (absent)
playing lacrosse at 11pm on monday = bad idea, illness, totally worth it.
recapped with my group and we’re going materials shopping
yay for refinement.
i’ll definitely pick up my slack in other areas of the project!


the follow up post

this past weekend
made a plan – interviews & role playing
| conducted interviews – 20 people in Atlanta
| design briefed it up
| started process book
| prep for role playing

Through our interviewing and background research, we hoped to understand why people do and don’t roller blade. We talked to all types (bikers, drivers, walkers, bladers) and found out that safety, storage, and aesthetics were the main issues of roller blading. How do we overcome these? We decided we want to create something lightweight and unobtrusive to make it more convenient to use.


my very first post

last week
| made groups – fashion mcpriss
| chose a topic – wheeled devices
| visited a site – piedmont park
| observed – photo doc & notes
| chose a direction – roller blading

roller blades aren’t just for the 90’s!
we want to make them more practical for everyday use, aka “business blades.”


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